KALOS BLOCKS 55003 Dark Shadow Battleship

KALOS BLOCKS 55003 Dark Shadow Battleship

Dark Shadow Battleship
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Pieces: 1085
Age: 6
Year: 2024

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✅KALOS BLOCKS 55003 Dark Shadow Battleship

✅A "Dark Shadow Battleship" suggests a large, imposing vessel with a sinister or intimidating appearance. It might feature sleek, angular lines, dark or blackened hull plating, and ominous lighting to convey a sense of menace.


Product Name: Dark Shadow Battleship

Category: Creator

This Kit Contains: KALOS BLOCKS 55003

1085 pcs Good Quality Bricks

Size: 38.6 × 27.9 × 27.6 cm

Manual Instructions

📌Nature of the protagonist

Introducing our proud collection named “Dark Shadow Battleship” you should not miss.

As a battleship, the Dark Shadow is likely heavily armed and armored, equipped with advanced weaponry and defensive systems. This could include energy weapons, missile launchers, railguns, plasma cannons, or other futuristic armaments capable of inflicting devastating damage on enemy targets. The term "Dark Shadow" implies a stealthy or covert nature, suggesting that the battleship may possess advanced stealth technology or camouflage systems to evade detection by enemy sensors or surveillance. This could allow it to operate clandestinely or conduct surprise attacks on unsuspecting targets.

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