MOC-136982 SLS Mobile Launcher

MOC-136982 SLS Mobile Launcher

SLS Mobile Launcher
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Pieces: 10047
Age: 14
Year: 2023

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✅ MOC-136982 SLS Mobile Launcher

✅The Space Launch System (SLS) Mobile Launcher is a key piece of infrastructure used in the United States' space exploration program. It is designed to support the launch of NASA's Space Launch System rocket, which is intended for deep-space missions, including missions to the Moon and Mars.


Product Name: SLS Mobile Launcher

Category: Space

This Kit Contains: C9584

10047 pcs Good Quality Bricks

Size: 61.4 x 49.8 x 116.8 cm

Weight: 8.5 kg

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Introducing our proud collection named “SLS Mobile Launcher” you should not miss.

The Mobile Launcher is essentially a platform on wheels. It's a massive structure that provides a stable and secure base for the SLS rocket during assembly, testing, and launch. The Mobile Launcher includes a tower structure that extends vertically and provides access to the rocket for assembly, maintenance, and crew access. It also includes platforms and work areas for ground crews. The launcher is equipped with a network of umbilical connections, including fuel lines, electrical connections, and data links. These connections enable the transfer of propellants, power, and data between the launcher and the rocket.

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